New blog, new rules.

A few weeks ago, I decided (yet again) that I wanted to start a blog. Several times during the last few years I have had the same notion, only to make a strong (well, strong-ish) start and trail off two or three posts in...

After thinking on the matter a bit longer, it occurred to me that to simply "start blogging" again would be a mistake. I clearly have a problem, and if I want to start blogging properly, it is time I found a solution.

At this point I did what any software engineer would do. I attempted to isolate the root cause.

The high level and, to be honest, pretty obvious reason that my previous blogging attempts have been so lacklustre, is simply that it is too much effort to make it seem worthwhile. But why, when I really want to blog more, is the effort not seeming to be worth it? Digging a little deeper, these are the main issues I came up with:

  1. Blog length. My previous blogs were too long. Attempting to explore themes too fully meant that I went on, and on... and on. And my blog posts took forever to write. Not that that's always a bad thing... but it's definitely not always a good thing.

  2. No routine. I had no routine when writing my blog. If I felt like writing something, I wrote it. If not, I didn't. In theory this seems a fair approach, but as someone who likes a plan (and works well with a little pressure applied!), I'm convinced this wasn't enough.

  3. Feature creep. I'm a developer, and I like developing. I spent more time tweaking themes (and then replacing them again two weeks later), then I did writing. I wouldn't call this a complete waste, but it doesn't get me nearer to my blogging goal. Therefore into the 'need-to-fix' pile it goes!

Having settled upon theses 3 main problems, my proposed fixes are as follows:

  1. Keep topics pretty focused, so as the theme being explored doesn't require a 600 page epic. Short, snappy and to the point is going to be my aim.

  2. One blog entry, twice a month. This is the (fairly conservative) aim I am setting myself. Hey, when I'm making up the rules, might as well make them ones I can win with, right? (False confidence aside, bi-monthly is already a lot more blogging than I'm used to. Wish me luck...)

  3. My solution to this is one is simple. As in, the simplest (although I think still great looking!) Ghost theme I could find. No tweaking required, no images needed for a blog post. Just text, and a clean place to write it.

So there we have it. I haven't mentioned what I'm going to blog about, because that's not yet important (although any of you who have in anyway ever interacted with me before could probably have a decent guess...)

Until next time (two weeks at the most... promise! :D)